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Valeria Di Leone


"All we need is around us,

the challenge is to find a way to give new value to it."

 Valeria is an Italian designer, "creative thinker and maker". She is passionately dedicated to find meaningful interactions between people, spaces and traditions.

Graduated in Industrial Design at the IUAV of San Marino, she earned a master's degree in Social Design at the Design Academy of Eindhoven (NL).

After moving to Spain, she worked as product and clothing designer. She specialized in contextual research and developed a strong interest in traditional techniques and materials.

The research has led her to believe that what was in the past is not over, but represents an opportunity to understand how the environment and the space around us are used, to redeem it from non-use to use and to reread the interactions between people. In particular, Valeria looks at hospitality as a potential solution to develop social cohesion between people and cities, to promote creativity and self-expression, to break the daily routine and encourage dialogue between people.

Creating and travelling are fundamental principles in her life. Although she is strongly linked to her homeland, Puglia, and its traditions, her interest in different cultures, indeed, has led her to visit different parts of the world and live in some European cities. However, she has always kept the ambition to enhance her experiences and her creativity in the land of origin.


What made you decide to apply for “your Apulian story” call?

I am profoundly linked to my homeland and its traditions. The possibility to test my creativity skills just in my native place, meeting local artisans and learning the traditional techniques Apulia, and Salento in particular, represents a fascinating challenge for me.


What do you expect from DESIGNSTART project?

DESIGNSTART project means for me the beginning of a wonderful journey, where young designers, tutored by a team of professionals, can develop their curiosity and creativity. I wish that, through this project, I can get into a network of designers (and not only) really interested in the growth of Puglia.

Valeria Di Leone


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