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Orodè Deoro


"The mosaic tells me more than I can do with him. It is the power of desire and the energy of dreams that influence my life,

transforming it completely."  

Orodè Deoro

History:   Orodè Deoro was born in Taranto in 1974. Self-taught, eclectic artist, he deals with painting and action painting in multidisciplinary shows until his passion for his characteristic ceramic and stucco mosaics, which are born in the Vincent City House-Museum, all now freely visited in Guagnano (LE), where between 2000 and 2004 the artist lives making twenty medium and large works on the internal and external walls of the structure. In 2009 he won the Enzo Fani National Award for the painting section, while continuing to cultivate his talent for mosaic works. The 2014 sees him protagonist in Milan, with a triptych on display at the Triennale Design Museum and a large-scale ceramic mosaic work on a wall outside the house studio by the archistar Fabio Novembre. In 2015 he won the Golden Plate of the Art Award for the sculpture section. In 2017 he began his collaboration with the British brand Victoria + Albert, for the creation of a limited edition of artist's bathtubs.

Distinguishing features:  In 1998 he abandoned his studies in Philosophy at the University of Perugia to devote himself exclusively to art. He looked for an ideal place, a "Renaissance workshop" as he likes to call it; and he rediscovered it right in his Salento. In 2000 he met the painter and sculptor Vincent Brunetti and it was there that he definitely decided to move from Rome, for a few months, to Puglia. In a short time the house-museum in Guagnano was entirely tiled, in a kitschy way, and the dream of its creator to meet a mosaicist who could finally create Gaudì-style works had come true. He felt he wanted to know life through art, through the mosaic, material of choice, a new form of language for his thoughts and feelings.

Current production: After about four years in Milan he returned to Salento for personal reasons. He dealt with his artistic research and was interested in weaving new relationships, creating collaborations with those of the territory who have an idea of ​​art and related life. In addition to all this already mentioned would like to give life to workshops aimed at children, something more dynamic, in which to put together dance, drawing, live painting, mosaic, music, poetry.

How important was the comparison with other artists or other realities in these years of work?

I love collaborating very much but, for the purposes of my musiva research, only my literary passion and love for painting are necessary. I had a mythological idea of ​​art, made of fragments of lives, pieces by Modigliani, pieces by Klimt, by Schiele, pieces by Hesse, by Miller, by Rimbaud, by Bach, by Jim Morrison, by Tim Buckley, etc ... meant as a myriad of cards representing the rebellion to order and art was the useful means to understand life. In 2000 when I started there was not even Google, the images were in the books or on the street or in the soul. Over the years, the meetings have been important only for the discovery of some materials that have made my ceramic mosaics even more unique. The comparison with artists, like my friend Fabio Novembre, was useful to better understand my path. Meeting some of the best international mosaicists, in conventions and exhibitions, it helped me to extract the energies and find the right language to tell me through the mosaic with all my feelings. To date, I no longer think that art is the best way to understand life but the love for mosaic is unchanged and research continues. For me, art is to aim at something bigger ...

This summer, coming back to your homeland, you exposed to MUST, didn’t you?

Yes, it was a "return home" in all respects. On July 19th and 20th, in the splendid setting of Lecce's MUST, I participated in the event "Un mare di bellezza", a conference on design and fashion as a flywheel for the economic growth of a territory and for the enhancement and diffusion of specialized high level skills. For the occasion, with my friend Crispino Lanza of Primato Pugliese, partner of the event, we have chosen to exhibit two of my works, together with a beautiful table by De Mura. I exhibited the artwork "Light my fire", a bathtub entirely made of mosaics on the outside, the result of my collaboration with the British brand Victoria + Albert and "Embrasser à jamais", a 182 cm tall vase of the Spanish brand Vondom, entirely covered by mosaic on the outside. The works have been exhibited as examples of luxury design.

Orodè Deoro


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