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Marra Pavimenti - handmade tiles

Galatina - Lecce

"We make decorative floors to walk on art"   

Francesco Marra

History:  Marra Pavimenti is in its 70th year of activity. The Marra family company was founded in 1948, in a small street in Galatina in the heart of Salento: in the workshop the brothers learned from the master craftsman the difficult art of decorating and doughing the layers to make cement tiles, mixing elements such as white cement and fine marble chips, materials of delicate finesse that still characterize the company's products.

Distinguishing features:  Cement tiles, multi-layered tiles created in Catalonia at the end of the 19th century, are still made using the traditional method and hand-crafted one by one. The company proposes various "standard" models but through the use of matrices it is possible to create infinite designs with different colors, let creativity go free!

Current production: Today the company is led by the youngsters of the family, who push towards an even more custom-made production , maintaining an essential link with the style and the craft technique of the founders. The tiles are made for both indoor and outdoor applications: the flagship products are colored cementine and grits.

Francesco, where do you take inspiration to create your cementine? Does the past still have something to teach in terms of style and elegance?

Our cementines are a gift from the past, from which we continually take inspiration to carry on our mission of spreading the culture of the early 20th century, which was typical of our land.
The versatility and the typical style of these materials gives us the possibility to contextualize these products in contemporary contexts, changing them, without neglecting the past, rather taking inspiration and giving it a new mood.

Cementines have marked an era and recently they have left the farmhouses to contaminate local and residences all over the world. How do you imagine the future of your flagship product and its various variations?
They marked an era and could mark a new starting point. Reason for which the spread of cementine doesn’t apply only on floors, but they become a real piece of furniture to be combined with objects and furnishings of various materials.
Starting from raw materials and using different colours and material combinations, cementine represent the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.


handmade tiles 

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