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Lecce Via Frà Nicolò de Lequile n3

My logbook

Salento, Puglia

Colors, smells, tastes, light, sea, wind ... in other words Salento.

Eternal materials, poor but endowed with a richness inherent that is perpetuated over time, enhanced by the skilled hands of artisans who pass from generation to generation the ability to harmonize them with the wonderful land that surrounds them.

Walk around through the ateliers of Salento’s artisans is a constant stimulus for our senses: from the incessant and ancestral rhythm of the hammering of copper (which brings us in some tribal time) from which emerges an elaborate object, to the play of light and shadow in the incredible papier-mâché workshop capable of giving brightness and strength to such a poor material. From the sensuality of the fingers, similar to the waves of the sea that shape the rocks, which slide on the clay to model small traditional masterpieces, to the Lecce’ stone, hard and strong but at the same time light and soft, molded with repeated and accurate movements inside a cloud of dust that creates a fairytale atmosphere. To not mention the arabesque draws created inside the cementine, with a technique that recalls peoples and distant eras, or the joyful magic of the luminarie, the true essence of the southern festivals. The last, but not least, the valuable work technique of carpenters able to take the true lifeblood of every type of wood.

Admiration is the first true sensation, associated with pride to be the result of a land capable of producing such rich materials and above all artisans capable of making the best of it. And then the curiosity and the wish to collaborate with these masters, to leave my mark on these materials.​

12th of February, 2019.


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