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My logbook

Salento, Puglia

Hi, this is Joes - Giuseppe.

I was conceived in Apulia, and I consider it a more charming act than my born itself; you know, a Designer cannot omit Conception.
The Design Start Team - a Group of friends and cultural buddies for me, in Salento - knows well what I mean. In fact, since the first day and for half month, they carried me out in the core of the land where hearts beat so deep and hands dance on the rhythm of chisel, morbid finishing touches and Pizzica. I have penetrate the Artisan’s look carved by majestic olive tree wrinkles. I breathed the Ground, the Stone and the Copper as long as I saw that Life was there.

Life within the sounding sea’s brackish flavor; Life that can move, create and re-create itself; Life that donates and gives itself too. I believe Conception comes where Life is alive, to generate some more Life; more Life, my darlings. 
Now and here, my Conception is on.

Thinking of being a Father, in the same land that created me years ago, makes me enraptured. A Father to my Mother Apulia of whom I might talk you about within a bigger sense of pride, now.

9th of February, 2019.


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