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Giuseppe Sardone


"Dream and Exploration live intensively inside of me, shaking me to feel strong emotions. As a Designer, I aim at the pleasure to stimulate such emotions." 

Giuseppe Sardone is also known as JOES. Drawing has always been his best way to communicate. Reserved and thinker; his pro-activism has led him to intensely live his first work experiences, in the family business and in some design firms. He started his university career in 2011 and from there, thanks to a brilliant thesis project in Portugal, he granted a degree in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic University of Bari.
He travels: with mind and body; he explores, indeed, both for work and for passion, distant countries and different cultures, feeding as deep as he can his sap of personal enrichment.
Curious and observant, he sees in photography, as well as in cooking and in reading, his preferred "meditative arts".
In the field of design, he strongly believes in sustainability, teamwork and achieving an original empathy between users and object/space.
In his future, he dreams of continuing to travel and explore the discipline of Design Thinking in the best possible way.
However, he would spend most of his life in Puglia, his small and intimate pride.

What made you decide to apply for “your Apulian story” call?

The possibility of being part of a valid team and the goal of expressing myself and doing something useful this time for my homeland, through my qualities and my creative thinking.


What do you expect from DESIGNSTART project?

I expect to find “design soul” stories and places, where it’s not just a matter of creating and colouring a collection, but the ambition is to give a real lifeblood, marked and original. Just like Puglia.  

Giuseppe Sardone - JOES


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