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Dario Giancane

Arnesano - Lecce

"My work is a continuous courting: I trust my own emotions and let myself go to what destiny’s left for me."   

Dario Giancane

History: Born in Lecce, Dario walks and grows in this city, crossing squares and squares, crossing his gaze with suggestive presences carved and decorated in Baroque Lecce, from bronze to marble, to the sweet stone, to the wonderful facades of renaissance farmhouses. Dario was lucky enough to spy on and "steal" the ancient manufacturing techniques from  his father, Salvatore, one of the last masters of lost craftsmanship. The contemporary studies in adulthood in the Academy allowed him then to refine the aesthetic taste and choose the various collaborations that continues to cultivate still today.

Distinguishing features:  The production of the Giancane laboratory begins long before the experience of Dario, with his father Salvatore who opened his laboratory in 1979. The first works can be admired in the Mother Church of Arnesano or in the various private chapels of the cemeteries of many centers of Puglia. From 1985 for eight years he held the prestigious post of blacksmith of trust of the Bank of Italy, but from the beginning he dedicated himself to the realization of candelabras, floorings, tables, copper bas-reliefs, reproductions of animals and other objects; all works are reflected in the production that Dario carries out with the aim of connecting the various points of view on the aesthetics of the components of contemporary furniture through the processing of different alloys. The piece of furniture acquires an important artistic and conceptual value, becomes a creative work, an end not a means, precisely because art is disinterested even when it is commissioned.

Current production: The production of the Giancane laboratory is characterized by the processing of all types of metal alloys with a greater attention to the use of iron, copper and brass. The strenght derives from the experimentation of the technique called ageminatura revisited in a contemporary key through the fusion of copper / brass inside recesses created on ferrous sheet.

Dario: what was the moment when you relized that the processing of iron and / or various alloys could be your way? And how much does this still affect you?

There was not an event, a moment; it was already all marked inside of me. At the age of 8 I made my first embossed copper bas-relief, inside the workshop of my father, master guide and from there were only emotions and desire for research, a brand that distinguished me. From this, in fact, the improvement of the processing of the milling or damascatura in copper and brass was born, which I apply in most of my sculptural creations. Still I can not get used to the emotions that I feel doing my job, otherwise I wouldn’t live. It's a beautiful love story, in which the fire is always on, the daily passion makes everything unique. It is a continuous courtship, mutual respect, mutual trust. I do not speak, I no longer think of anything, infinite love rises in my soul, and I go far, far away, happy.

How has Dario changed in these years when the art world requires more and more qualified and innovative people? And how do you see yourself in a few years?
Sono cambiato molto e per questo devo dire solo grazie; l’arte mi ha preso per mano dopo momenti bui, "ci siamo guardati negli occhi". Il destino ha voluto questo incontro e anche se ci sono giorni tristi, dove questo amore viene a mancare, ma non perché finisce, semplicemente perché lontano fisicamente da me, arrivano poi giorni di infinita passione che ti ridonano la vita. Tutto questo non finirà mai, ho trovato il mio alter ego. Tra qualche anno... non lo so! Sogno semplicemente che tutto questo che ho raggiunto sin' ora non finisca mai, che vada sempre più perfezionandosi, e che " mi porti per mano " ovunque.

Dario Giancane


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