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Lecce Via Frà Nicolò de Lequile n3

Call Winners

We are pleased to announce that the two winners of "your Apulian story" call are: Valeria Di Leone and Giuseppe Sardone

selected to take part in DESIGNSTART project, promoted by REDESIGN association, winner of PIN "Pugliesi Innovativi" public competition by Puglia Regional Government.
Congratulations guys!

Valeria and Giuseppe have accepted to participate in the artist-in-residence, experimentation and design program that we'll do together and will lead us to an exhibition during Milan Design Week in April 2019.

Thanks to all the call applicants!

We have received many interesting applications that made the final decision not an easy task.
Now we have a short list of brilliant creative people that we’ll use for upcoming initiatives of REDESIGN and ARCHISTART, our partner.

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