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your apulian story

Artist-in-residence program

The organization REDESIGN, winner of PIN - Innovative Puglia, an initiative promoted by Puglia region, proposes the project DESIGNSTART and the international call “your Apulian story”: the call aims to select two creative persons under 35 that will be hosted in an artist-in-residence program in Puglia and will be part of a creative experimentation process in order to design some objects or a line of products that can tell a story about Puglia, to be presented during Milan Design Week 2019 and to be launched on the market later on. 
The two selected candidates will be immersed in the Apulian territory, will discover the artisanal traditions of this region, enjoying a direct relationship with artisans, artists and design companies, observing and studying the productive and creative traditional techniques.

Thanks to all participants

The winners will be announced soon!

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