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Barba Design


"The past lives in the beauty of the present, art reinterprets the memory to make future beautiful"

                                                                                     M. Barba

History:   Barba Design is a young company born from intense feelings, shared and matured over time, sacrifices, from passion for art and beauty, from the instinct to innovate without losing sight of the experience of the past. Taking on the roots of the historic family carpenter workshop, the "Barba srl", Mattia Barba, promoter of the project, grows, works and matures over the years sharing the love for wood and craftsmanship.
It is in this environment, strongly imbued with experience and passion, with traditions and the desire to expand beyond the local territoriality, that Mattia makes its way day by day, creating an exclusive, recognizable and refined design product.

Distinguishing features:   The decorations in the various facets and typologies represent the primary premise of the product, a further element of innovation and added value are the 45 ° working on the entire structure, permitting a uniform and continuous reproduction of the same decoration, extending a modularity already harmonious and elegant.
The finishings and colors are designed to meet any request and need.

Current production:  "A look at the past, but with eyes always turned towards the future". Marrying this thought at every step, the new collection consists of sideboards and containers for the living area and the sleeping area whose main feature is the use of current and innovative processing techniques, such as computerized engraving and digital printing, through which the decorations are shown on the surfaces in an original and brilliant aesthetic connotation.

Mattia, what is innovation for you?

Innovation is a very broad concept that encompasses personal and subjective visions. Innovation is technology, augmented reality, internet, communication and marketing.
My vision of innovation in the field of design is knowing how to reinterpret, with the due respect, ancient crafts, cultures, intuitions of the past, making them contemporary and current.Innovation is in the small things that make the company and the product more usable by more and more smart users.

How your company is innovative then?

The innovation, in the case of my company, lies in knowing how to read the ever-changing market and to adapt quickly, offering appropriate, different, unusual and exclusive products. It is important not to homologate but to differentiate. We sell our artisanal products in Italy and abroad by adopting an innovative and exclusive sales system via internet.

Barba Design


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