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Lecce Via Frà Nicolò de Lequile n3


designed by Giuseppe Sardone

ADDOSSO was born in Apulia.
Since the Beginning, we desired to road the culture and the culinary heritage of Italy’s Heel. The meeting within the Craftsmanship’s Masters led us to rethink their deeds as the same as Chef or original Massaia, and vice-versa.

So, as whole Apulia Muse we generated value because of their magical touches on native and autoctone materials, in order to create a collection of “culinary” accessories and necklaces: a truly Apulian Identity to dress, to show up. Some very typical plates, made by their single ingredients, are here shown like a reminder of our story, when hilarious food stains usually fall on people’s Sunday clothes, during lunch, becoming a kind of daily medal to be proud of.

So thought, ADDOSSO is a manifest of our Manufacture Heritage, in terms of Craftsmanship and Gastronomy, within softness and authentic elegance: Apulian style, Apulian taste.

Gabriele Pici (Lecce stone)

Siciliano italian handmade & designer Anna Siciliano (reed)

Antonio Turlizzi (wood)

Dario Giancane (iron)

Rame Rossa Pappadà (copper)

Salvino De Donatis (pottery)

Ermanno Elia (goldsmith)

Giuseppe Inguscio (goldsmith)

Marra pavimenti (grit)

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