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by REDESIGN Association

Redesigning and revolutionizing Apulian design is the mission of REDESIGN. Generate a hub, a contemporary design workshop, promote an annual international call to select 2 young designers.

Host designers upon an artist-in-residence program in Puglia, guide them to ideate and realize their own design line, working with local companies, creating a link with the local craft sector. Finally, launch an Apulian design e-shop platform.


DESIGNSTART is a project promoted by REDESIGN, a non-profit organization that organizes a call and an Artist-in-residence program, in the field of design and aims at creating a network of Apulian artisans, design companies and designers founded thanks PIN (Pugliesi Innovativi) initiative of the Puglia region.


Online platform for architects & designers

Digital creatives

Platform for artisan craftsmanship

Aziende e Artigiani partner

Lightning installations and design

Lightning installations and design

pottery and and lathe-turner master

handmade tiles 

update coming soon ...

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